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Procurement & Supply

Tender Committee

The main purpose of the Tender Committee is to ensure that United Development And Relief Commission For Africa makes effective decisions when selecting suppliers and contractors for goods and services on a tender basis. The main functions of the Committee include defining the terms of Structures, reviewing commercial bids from tender participants, selecting the winning bid and providing overall control, coordination and supervision in the preparation and conduct of Structures.


To provide the framework for effective and efficient procurement, distribution.
To design and plan the development of comprehensive policies, sustainable plans and programmes and budgets to cover all the procurement and supply needs of the Ministry and its Agencies at a strategic level.

To cater for the design and application of monitoring and evaluation systems for purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of the supply system of the United Development And Relief Commission For Africa and its Agencies.


Procurement Unit
Maintains and updates the procurement procedures including standard bidding documents.
Executes procurement on a national level.
Manages procurement through procurement Agencies.
Co-ordinates emergency procurement and donations.
Provides training and supervises procurement at Regional and District level.
Advises on all procurement issues.

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