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Manifesto for 2016

Tender Requirements

Letter of Intent/Application: Bidders are to put forth an application indicating interest to participate in any ongoing Tender.

Quotation of Products: Bidding companies quotations must be on Ex-Works or FOB basis.

Evidence of Company Registration: Each Tenderer must provide a documentary evidence of their registration or incorporation as a legal organization in their country of origin.

Other relevant documents/Information that may enhance the company's chances of securing a tender.

Note: Private contact between the Contracting Authority and any Tendering Company is prohibited. Should a tendering company need any explanation prior to the Bid, such request should be called to the attention of the Contract Awarding Committee through their local representative/agent and attendant responses will be published by the Contract Awarding Committee Chairman as a circular.

- Tender Submission Procedures - Bid Submission Bids must be by hand to the Secretary, Contract Awarding Committee through an accredited Agent that will function as a local representative of the company throughout the tender bidding processes.

- Tender Document: Tender documents are obtainable through the Tenderer's local Agent who must be a licensed and accredited Agent of the United Development And Relief Commission For Africa (UDRCA) with the sum of US$400.00.

- Company Tender Registration/Submission Fee: Company Tender Registration/Submission Fee is Eight Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars (USD$850.00) only. This is payable to the Contract Awarding Committee at the time of tender offer submission through the Accredited Agent representing the company in the Bid. Company Tender Registration and Submission Fee is 100% refundable to bidding companies that do not meet nomination status for Contract Award within two days of their formal disqualification from the tender.

- Contract Payment: A Successful Company will receive contract payment in it's preferred bank account within Five (5) working days of Contract Agreement Endorsement.

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